About The Program

Research scholars are allowed to pursue their research interests at one of the international partner institutions for a period of 6 months to 1 year.

When an MS/PhD scholar spends significant time abroad at a research facility for thesis/ project work/research work, there is a measurable gain to the scholar and the Institutes/Universities involved.

General Procedure

  • Initial arrangements to be made through the Supervisor/Guide at home institution & Counterpart in the foreign institution.
  • Scope of work and deliverables must be established and documented before the research exchange visit begins.
  • He / She must then consult with the Faculty Advisor regarding the suitability of the proposed area of research. The approval of the Faculty Advisor is an essential step of the process.
  • The student must obtain the approval of the Head of the Department.
  • The student must then obtain the necessary clearances from the Academic section and Dean, Academic Research approval before submitting the request to the Office of International Relations.
  • The student can submit his application form and other necessary documents to the Office of International relations (OIR). 
  • The OIR will then nominate the applicant to the relevant Office at the foreign university and facilitate the process of admission.
  • The parent institution/host University/faculty/OIR office will then assist as needed with travel funding.
  • Students need to check with the host institution/faculty regarding their stipend to cover the living expenses while on exchange.
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  • What kind of Visa should I apply for?
    The instructions for the Visa type will be provided by the Host University.
  • Can a UG student do research work?
    Yes, UG students can apply for research work if the host University is accepting and the Faculty advisor at the home institute approves.
  • Can I apply for research work without an acceptance letter from the IITPKD professor?
    No, you can apply for research work only after an IITPKD faculty accepts to be your guide
  • Are there any instructions for students on the Research exchange program?
    The research scholars are requested to report to the Supervisor/Guide at the home institution and update the progress in their research regularly. The Research Scholars/students have to abide by the rules and regulations of the university and the law of Land