1 ABOUT THE PROGRAM International students who want to pursue a full time Masters or PhD program can apply through their respective Embassies for International Relations at IIT Palakkad.  

2.1    As per IIT Palakkad rules and regulations. 

2.2 The medium of instruction across all courses would be English. The candidates applying for the courses at IIT Palakkad are supposed to have a functional knowledge of English, which implies that they should have the ability to read, write, understand and speak the language.

3 APPLICATION PROCEDURE As per your Embassy guidelines. 
Click here for the IITPKD application form 
4 FUNDING DETAILS As per your Embassy guidelines. 
5 APPLICATION DEADLINE As per your Embassy guidelines. 

6.1 Will I get an additional scholarship from IIT Palakkad apart from what I receive from my Embassy? 
- No additional scholarships will be given to Embassy sponsored students. 

6.2 What if a certain program is not sponsored by the Embassy?
- In case the student is not sponsored by the Embassy, deserving students can apply directly to IIT Palakkad.