ASEAN-PhD Fellowships

1 ABOUT THE PROGRAM In recognition of the deep and historical ties between India and ten ASEAN countries, the government of India announced 1000 fellowships for ASEAN citizens to pursue the PhD program at India's foremost technical education centers, an IIT of their choice. The premier Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), welcome aspirants from ASEAN countries to apply for Masters and PhD fellowships. Applicants can apply online on the portal. Those selected get a chance to finish their PhD with funding at par with their Indian counterparts from the Government of India. The funding covers the entire cost of study and living expenses for up to 5 years of their PhD program and a research grant.

2.1 The eligibility criterion and qualification are as per IIT Palakkad rules and regulations. 

2.2 The medium of instruction across all courses would be English. The candidates applying for the courses at IIT Palakkad are supposed to have a functional knowledge of English, which implies that they should have the ability to read, write, understand and speak the language.


3.1 Interested candidates can apply online on the ASEAN portal.

3.2 Applicants can choose the IIT and the specific program/area in the online application.

3.3 Each IIT conducts its admission process like application screening, shortlisting, possible online interview, and announces its admission offers, including the waitlist. Candidates selected in multiple programs give their final acceptance to exactly one, and the consolidated results are announced on this portal after duly operating the waitlist.


4.1 The maximum tenure of each fellowship - 5 years

4.2 Stipend per month:
INR 31,000/- for the first 2 years
INR 35,000/- for the remaining duration

4.3 Annual Research grant up to INR 170,000/- for research expenses such as travel, books, contingency

5 APPLICATION DEADLINE Visit the ASEAN page for application start date and deadline details
ASEAN Website:

6.1 Will the selection be done separately by the IIT’s?
 Yes, IIT Palakkad scrutinizes each application received. The candidates are selected based on our own selection procedures. 

6.2 Will the IIT’s announce the results to the students?
No, the results are sent to the ASEAN office and will be published only on the ASEAN website.

6.3 Do I have to pay the tuition fees and other living expenses at IIT Palakkad?
Yes, students are requested to pay all their fees at IITPKD with the stipend received from the ASEAN fellowship.